Week three discussions

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OverviewA local parenting agency has contacted you to write a short article for their community magazine, “Ages and Stages” section. This month’s theme is “The Importance of Play in Child Development.” In the article you are asked to give your opinion on play as it relates to toddlers. Support your position with current research that demonstrates how play contributes to a toddler’s development. Initial Post – In your 200-300 word article, address  the following:

  • Explain your opinion on play and how you believe it affects toddler development.
  • Justify your opinion with at least one scholarly resource that supports the concept of play. You can use the Ashford University Library or the Internet to locate a scholarly article. 
  • Describe what a developmentally appropriate environment would include. Explain the significance of designing an environmental space to nurture a child’s physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and language development. You can include a description of the physical space as well as any play materials that you would recommend.
  • List ideas for play that you would share with families. These could be games, activities or ideas that they can use in their home.