What did democracy mean for the women of Athens in the 5th century?

 Prepare a bibliography of suitable readings relating to your question, other than these reading that already been given.


Length: At least 1200 words 


Your essay should begin with an introduction that sets out the problem you are going to address and perhaps suggests how you are going to frame your argument. In the main body of the essay, you present your argument and back it up with evidence. Depending on which question you answer, you may also discuss or critique the views of different historians and form your original contribution to the debate. The key is to analyze issues, not merely to describe them.  

 Notes: When you quote from, or use of an argument or evidence from, your sources, you need to note this, providing details in footnotes or endnotes 



Bibliography: Your essay will need to have a Bibliography at the end, listing the sources you have used as well as the ones you have found yourself. These should be listed in alphabetical order with their full titles and details (including the place and date of publication).


There are five readings, pls read them carefully before write the paper, thx