What is the attack rate for those who ate the BBQ?

Course Project 9

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Now that the study data has been completed, you can determine if the findings support your hypothesis. By using the analytical techniques covered in the text and reading assignments, it is possible to determine how and what caused the Eastern Adult Training Center outbreak. To perform the analysis, you need additional information. Click HereView in a new window to download and read the scenario for Course Project Part 9 which contains the information you will need to complete the analysis.

Answer the questions below. Write your answers in complete sentences. You may need to use additional resources outside of your textbook to complete this part of your project. Please be sure to cite any sources you may use with APA and include a Reference page.


  1. According to the Cohort Study Interview Summary , what is the attack rate among the interviewed residents? Show your calculation.Among all the food items consumed during the proposed exposure period, chopped barbeque had the highest association with illness. No other food items had a strong association to warrant further analysis. Below is a summary of the interviews (residents and kitchen staff) about consuming chopped BBQ. Chopped Pork BBQ tableUsing the information found in the Chopped Pork BBQ table, answer the following questions.
  1. What is the attack rate for those who ate the BBQ?
  2. Create a fourfold table (2×2 table) showing the relationship between exposure and illness.