What is the central question you are engaging in?

Assiri 1

Essay 1 outline

Q1: What is the central question you are engaging in?

Who I am?

framing question?

1. Who are you? who were you before? and who will you become?

– I choose this question because it will be easier for the reader to get to know me first before diving into my identity.

2. How has your identity consciousness developed over time?

– There is a link between this question the previous question at what point who I am now and how my consciousness of my identity is developed Day by day.

Q2: What’s your central response to these questions?

-Thesis: There are many factors that make a person’s identity, including personal and external factors.

Q 3 and 4: what are the source and evidence? How do these sources and evidence supports your response?

1. Race: Usually seen as biological, referring to the physical characteristics of a person.

– This concept will help me by showing my race and talking about my people to the reader and where I come from. the use of the concept of race is important for the raider to know about my culture and identity of the social in which I grow up.

2. Education : the knowledge and development resulting from the process of being educated.

-This concept will make it easier for me to answer the question who were you before? where I will talk about the level and the method of education in my country.

3. Liberation: the act of liberating : the state of being liberated.

– I will use this concept to describe the situations I went through to discover my identity. In my opinion, the first way to recognize my identity is liberation.

4. worldviews: a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint.

– I will use this concept to explain how the world views my community and identity and how the media has a significant role in changing the world’s view

5. Dominant and subordinate group : the dominant group is that which holds the most power in a given society, while subordinate groups are those who lack power compared to the dominant group.

– I will use this concept to show the reader which group I am