What is the relationship between sexuality and violence in these stories,

University of Oregon Sexuality and Violence in Ancient World Readings Essay

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This assignment is divided to 2 individual papers. Each is at least 500 words.

The first is to use this two files: Tale of Genmu and HOSS DOCUMENT NUMBER 70. to Answer the following.

What is the relationship between sexuality and violence in these stories, and what does that relationship tell us about the historical context in which they were written?

  • Explore also the differences and similarities of the two accounts, and of the practice of Buddhism in both countries.
  • What do these similarities and differences tell us about sexuality and Buddhism in ancient China and Japan?

The second 500 words is regarding this file Against Timarchus – answer the following.

According to Aeschines, Timarchus’ actions violated acceptable behavior for an Athenian citizen (i.e. a free male property owner).

  • What is the relationship between sexual, financial and political behavior according to Aeschines?
  • How can private life violate public interest?

Both papers should be like this: The first sentence should be your thesis statement. From there, write in ordinary paragraphs building an argument as you would in any essay. This includes having topic sentences and using evidence. One or two sentences will suffice for a conclusion. To cite materials use simple parenthetical (HOSS, 169) or (Genmu, 45). Canvas struggles with proper footnotes and in this case it’s better not to mess with it

+ (Grading Rubric is attached)