Which is the agency that does the lobster fisheries legislation in Connecticut?

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UCONN NRE 1000 Journal Discussion

University of Connecticut

Question Description


Objective: To discuss environmental legislation related to “natural” food

Time to do this task: 30-50 mins.


Let suppose that your business is in lobster fisheries in Connecticut. To learn more about lobster check out the NOAA Fisheries site

Your own a boat which is located in Gifford, CT. Although climate change has been affecting the lobster industry, you are doing well with the company. However, there is a rumor among your peers that some chemical contamination that may be affecting the lobsters. Since you are quite an environmentalist and worry about your customers, so, you decide to investigate a bit about this situation.


In your Journal make an entry answering the following questions:

  1. There are several government agencies that probably will provide you plenty of information about this sort of situation. Which agency will you contact first to determine that this rumor is true of false: a local one, such as the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection or a federal one, such as the Environmental Protection (EPA)?
  2. Which is the agency that does the lobster fisheries legislation in Connecticut?
  3. How will you feel if you find out that the lobster is highly contaminated?Will you continue in the business? Will you move to a different industry?
  4. Any thoughts about how the policy affects the fisheries business, and in this case you as a consumer?