Who decides how House districts are drawn?

University of Florida How Local Covid Deaths Are Affecting Vote Choice Discussion
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How are Senate districts apportioned? How are House districts apportioned? When will apportionment and redistricting next occur?
Who decides how House districts are drawn? Are there any rules about how they must be drawn?
What is the main argument made by Rohde in “Risk Bearing and Progressive Ambition?”
What is “split-ticket” voting? How common is it today, compared with the 1980s?
Per the Vavreck and Warshaw New York Times article, what effect could COVID deaths in a community have on voters in the 2020 election?
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Textbook, Chapter 3: Congressional Elections and Policy Alignments•Vavreck, Lynn & Christopher Warshaw. “How Local CovidDeaths Are Affecting Vote Choice.” July28, 2020. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/07/28/upshot/polling-trump-virus-election.html(also on Canvas if paywalled)Optional:•Reader, Chapter 9: “Strategic Politicians and the Dynamics of House Elections”(by Gary Jacobson)Tues, Aug11Congressional Elections II•Reader, Chapter 12: “Risk Bearing and Progressive Ambition”(by David Rohde)