Why Madison expect will participate in politics?

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How do members of Congress win reelection, per Fenno?
Why Madison expect will participate in politics? Is his expectation correct? Why or why not?
What is the pluralist model of representation in government?
What is the central argument made by both Schattschneider and Gilens/Page?
How do Schattschneider and Gilens/Page’s arguments offer a critique of pluralism?
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Reader, Chapter 12: “Risk Bearing and Progressive Ambition” (by David Rohde)

Canes-Wrone, B. (2013). “From Mass Preferences to Policy.” Annual Review of Political Science, 18(1).

Reader, Chapter 6: “U.S. House Members in Their Constituencies: An Exploration” (by Richard Fenno)

Gilens, Martin & Benjamin Page. 2014. “Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens.” Perspectives on Politics 12(3): 564-581.

selection from Schattschneider, E.E. 1960. “The Scope & Bias of the Pressure System” In The Semisovereign People: A Realist’s View of Democracy in America. New York, NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston.