World Religion 3-1


Describe the similarities and differences between the way women are treated within Jainism and the way they are treated in Sikhism. Provide specific examples from each religion to support your claims. Is it possible that one or both of these religions actually improve the status of women in their culture?

Use your best sentence structure and grammar. Be specific. The paper must be a minimum of 250 words (your own words, not including quoted texts or titles). The best essays are usually longer. NOTE: Do not pack an entire essay, even a short one, into a single paragraph. Use multiple paragraphs to structure and organize your thinking, with an introduction and a conclusion.

Yes, spelling and grammar count in college humanities courses. You should not submit a hasty one-draft essay. Reread, revise, and rewrite for grammar, spelling, paragraphing, and clarity of argument before submitting a final draft. Students who do not feel confident with writing a college-level English essay should contact the Online Student Writing Lab at the Student Center to get a writing tutor. They are extremely helpful!

There is a Spell Check in the icon bar over the text box. It is the icon with the ABC and check mark. Use multiple paragraphs to structure and organize your argument. Do NOT put an entire essay in a single paragraph. The essay should have an introduction and conclusion, with substantial evidence consisting of specific facts from the textbook and traditions in the main body.